Eco Wave Power Proves Its Ocean Power Devices In Kyiv

eco wave israel sea power, renewable energyIsrael’s Eco Wave’s clappers get energy from the sea.

Developers first looked to the ocean for offshore wind power, a conveniently windy and out-of-the way site for giant turbines. But increasingly, energy companies are realizing that sea water itself can be harnessed to generate electricity.

Israel’s Eco Wave Power announced on Tuesday that its initial testing of two small-scale wave energy devices, the “Wave Clapper” and the “Power Wind,” has proven successful. The company plans to continue working towards large-scale production of the devices by moving into the next phase of testing, with larger medium-sized devices that are 2.5 meter long and can produce around 5 kW of electricity.

“We are a young and innovative company in the field of ocean energy,” said David Leb, founder of Eco Wave Power. “We believe in a fast, yet reliable, progress. Our competitors in the ocean energy sphere had spent 5 to 15 years researching the ocean energy field, resulting with no commercial scale devices available for sale and implementation. We want to be different. We want to be able to offer our commercial scale devices within the shortest time frame, and for the most attractive prices.”

Testing of the two initial devices took place in a wave pool at the Hydro-Mechanical National Institute in Kyiv. The company showed that the devices successfully produce a steady stream of electricity from the movement of waves.

Eco Wave Power has already secured funding for three ocean energy generation devices, including a full-size commercial scale power plant, that will produce enough electricity to power around 1000 homes.

Testing of the medium-sized “Wave Clapper” and “Power Wind,” which are already in construction, will begin within the next few months.

Watch the device in action here, floating in the test wave pool in time with a special sound-track:

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